Post-Partum Must Haves for New Moms

Post-partum struggle is real…physically, mentally, emotionally. Luckily I have a few friends who recently gave birth before me who were super helpful in telling me what to expect, what they recommended, what I would need, etc.

On the physical side, I am SO glad I had stuff ready to go when I got home from the hospital (Thank you to my girls for instructing me on what I would need!) That said, I wanted to compile these suggestions for everyone.

First of all, don’t be shy. Take all the supplies you can from the hospital. This means pads, mesh undies, ice packs, etc.

Tucks: These cooling pads were lifesavers for the first couple weeks post-partum. The hospital gave me half a container to bring home but I ordered more for at home since I used them so much.

Dermoplast: My nurses sent me home with two cans so I didn’t need this at home but it was also a lifesaver! This stuff is the BEST!

Padsicles: Make these ahead of time! Pour some aloe gel & witch hazel on large overnight pads and freeze or put in the fridge. Frozen were way too frozen for me so I ended up putting them in the fridge when I got home. They feel SO amazing.

Frida Peri Bottle: The hospital sent me home with a couple squirt bottles for down there but the Frida peri bottle has a better angle so I was grateful to have been gifted it at my baby shower.

Undies: The hospital mesh undies are alright but they didn’t fit very well and kept riding down. The Frida undies are full stretchy shorts that are super comfortable and made me feel very secure everywhere. These are disposable but technically you can wash and reuse. For the days after the Frida days, or possibly just for during the day, these high waisted undies were great. I wish I had ordered a size up though.

Nursing Bras: I would recommend two kinds. Soft criss-cross bras for bedtime and padded bras for daytime. I ended up ordering a two packs of the bedtime ones since they tend to get milk on them every night.

Joggers/Sweatpants: Somehow I only owned one pair of sweats that I bought two weeks before I had Bailey. Leggings are not really an option the first couple weeks since you want to wear loose fitting bottoms, so I could really only wear pj pants and my one pair of joggers. Don’t make this mistake, especially if you’re having a baby in colder months.

Slippers: I invested in some Ugg slippers as my first pair of Uggs and I have worn them basically every day since I got them in January. They were super cozy for late night feedings and walking around rocking the babe.

Nursing gowns: Breastfeeding can be pretty messy (milk and spit up everywhere). We’ve made a ton of progress as time has gone on but I definitely went through nursing clothes sometimes a couple times a day. The Ekouaer nursing gowns are super soft and affordable.

Nursing tanks: Again, breastfeeding is messy so these are clutch. Bonus points for dressing up your tank with a cardigan!

You got this mama!!






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