22 Binge-Worthy Shows (Part 3)

I put together binge-worthy shows back in 2016 and 2017 (which, by the way are still very much binge-worthy shows if you haven’t seen them!) so I’ve been slacking on the last couple years. The good news is that I have a long list comin’ for ya.

In honor of quarantine, I’m sure we could all use more shows to watch. And now for part 3 of my binge-worthy list…drum roll pleaseeee!

Jack Ryan: 2 Seasons on Amazon Prime

Before you do anything, watch these if you haven’t . Action-packed, fun for the whole family…well at least you and your SO.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: 3 Seasons on Netflix

Were you obsessed with Sabrina the Teenage Witch back in the day? Yeah, this isn’t like that at all. It’s extremely weird, creepy, and sometimes a bit too much, especially as the seasons go on. But we still like it. I guess we’re that messed up. .

Bodyguard: 1 Season on Netflix

Action-packed thriller about a bad ass bodyguard.

The Politician: 1 Season on Netflix

Quirky, entertaining dramedy about high school kids who are obsessed with getting to the top in politics, whatever the cost.

Workin’ Moms: 3 Seasons on Netflix

Hilarious. I watched this before I was even pregnant and now I feel like I have to watch it again. Based in Canada, these moms are super funny and raunchy. Constantly looking forward to another season.

The Stranger: 1 Season on Netflix

Haven’t seen a great mystery in awhile, so here’s one! British of course.

Dead to Me: 1 Season on Netflix (1 more coming soon!)

We went through this one way too quickly and have been eagerly waiting for season to come out.

Insatiable: 2 Seasons on Netflix

Kinda weird, pretty funny, and very entertaining. Beauty queen struggling with overeating who sort of accidentally kills multiple people.

Vikings: 6 Seasons on Prime

6 seasons to binge…makes your mouth water right?! We binged this real hard during our home remodel. Never thought I would be so into vikings and Valhalla but wow, completely sucked in. P.S. this one has a lot of action, a lot of blood and some nudity.

The Tudors: 4 Seasons on Netflix

As I write this, I realize we watch a LOT of TV. But what better way to decompress from a long day? Watching King Henry VIII killing off his wives of course!

Harlots: 2 Seasons on Hulu

Keeping up with historical TV, this one’s about brothel drama in the 1700s.

Better Call Saul: 5 Seasons on Netflix (And on Demand)

Okay, we’re late to the game here for sure. Recently started back at the beginning so I haven’t made my way through all the seasons yet but I love this show. Definitely heavily invested with the characters which I think is why I love it so much.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: 1 Season on Netflix

Did you know Versace was murdered? Neither did I…and I DEFINITELY didn’t know about all the other people he killed along the way.

Godless: 1 Season on Netflix

An intense and exciting Western featuring a female-run town that is about to be overrun by a murderous gang (who ride on horses obviously).

Wild Wild Country: 1 Season on Netflix

A true story all about this crazy religious cult that started in India in the 60’s and how they took over a small town in Oregon for four years. If you liked Mary in Downton Abbey, here she is as a bad ass b.

Killing Eve: 4 Seasons on Demand BBC

If you miss Christina Yang, you may as well check this out. Christina (this will forever be her name to me) is trying to catch a psychotic Russian assassin but is also obsessed with her.

Santa Clarita Diet: 3 Seasons on Netflix

Drew Barrymore turns into a friendly zombie trying to live a normal life as a realtor while trying to avoid her blood thirst. Yes, it sounds absolutely ridiculous but it’s surprisingly quite funny. We throw it on when we want something we don’t have to think about.

The Good Place: 3 Seasons on Netflix

For a light hearted comedy, the Good Place is great. Fricken love Kristen Bell.

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce: 5 Seasons on Netflix

This one’s a classic for us chick-flick lovers.

You: 2 Seasons on Netflix

I’m sure you’ve heard of it, started it or watched it already. If you are into murder and creepy things, give it a go.

3 Wives One Husband: 1 Season on Netflix

I obviously have to throw a reality show in so here you go. The title says it all.

Marrying Millions: 1 Season on Hulu

Okay, one more reality show. God these people are entertaining…




One thought on “22 Binge-Worthy Shows (Part 3)

  1. Ann Gosse says:

    Hi Claudette. Thanks for the South African Smoke. I wonder if you can have patience with me and can give me the list of ingredients for the rub. I know you already gave me a short list months ago and I wrote them down but can’t find the paper. I have looked and looked but no luck.

    Also, thanks for sending me Claudette’s Corner—quite interesting and informative. I thought that somewhere you had pictures of Bailey but I don’t find them. I bet Bailey is becoming more animated with every new day. I am so glad you had her before the Coronavirus escalated.

    Say “hi” to that proud daddy, Matt. ❤️

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