6 Shows to Binge On

My favorite kind of TV show? The kind that has 3+ seasons so Matt and I can watch at our leisure, without having to wait a full week to find out what happens next. But I think a lot of people are on the same page as me on this one.

We recently got rid of cable so we’ve had to resort to finding everything on Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. I thought we’d watch a lot less TV because we had to stop watching a couple of our shows mid-season (Walking Dead & Homeland) since our very very basic cable doesn’t have those channels and they don’t stream on Hulu. Nope. We just ended up finding a bunch of super awesome random TV shows. Here are the ones we can’t stop watching.

The Good Wife: 6 seasons on Hulu 

Yes, this is a weekly CBS lawyer show that I had never heard of until stumbling across it a couple months ago. Yes, we completed all 6 seasons. And yes, it has a very healthy amount of over 20 episodes per season. Alicia Florrick for president.

Orphan Black: 4 seasons on Hulu

BBC show about a girl who finds out she’s a clone and the rest of her “sisters” are scattered around the world. It’s exciting, thrilling and we can’t get enough.

Casual: 4 seasons on Hulu

I know…way not enough episodes but it’s so simple and funny that it doesn’t matter. Summary? It’s about a mom who is exploring casual sex after a recent divorce while living with her brother and high school daughter.

Red Oaks: 3 seasons on Amazon Prime

Dorky college kid comes back to the local country club to teach tennis over the summer. We watched this on the flight to Copenhagen so I may have been half asleep for part of it but from what I remember, I loved it.

The Killing: 4 seasons on Netflix

We only got part-way through season two after discovering the Good Wife, but if you like murder mysteries, this will be your jam. To set your expectations straight, this is about one killing, not multiple as I originally assumed even though the title is rather straightforward.

Marcella: 1 Season on Netflix

Obviously we must be addicted to murder mysteries & legal shows. This one combines detective work with some added craziness and lots of twists.

Others to watch if you haven’t already: Narcos, Bloodline, The Americans, Vice Principals, The Night Of, and Westworld (just started).

What’s your favorite series? We’re always looking for the latest and greatest shows, so your suggestions are appreciated!



*Number of seasons updated 4/7/20


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