Lavender & Rosemary Soy Candle Recipe


{Pretty in Copper Bridesmaid Gifts}

Wedding planning is off and running and what I’ve realized is that there really are so many little details to consider. Some of these details aren’t very exciting for me (figuring out how to hook up all the lighting in the backyard), but others I probably spend too much time obsessing over. I was incredibly excited to ask my bridesmaids to be bridesmaids, especially because I got to craft a cute little gift for each of them.

Simple but sweet, the goodie bags included a homemade soy candle, nail polish, and a mini bottle of rose (scent infuser for my little sisters).

Before I get into how to make a candle, I have two pieces of wisdom.

  1. Candles have a memory. A lady at the farmer’s market told me this once and it was one of the most useful things I’ve ever learned. When you first burn in a candle, you must let it burn all the way to the edges before blowing it out. Otherwise, it will remember it’s last path and burn down right where it left off. Plan to burn your candles for about 2 hours the first time around.
  2. Anyone can make a candle. It’s really fun and rewarding once you get the hang of it.

Lavender & Rosemary Soy Candle Recipe


*Creates eight 1/2 pint jars

What you’ll need:

Set up:

  1. Unscrew all jars.
  2. Hot glue the bottom of each candle wick and press down in the center of the jar. Let sit for 5 minutes.
  3. Use two clothes pins to clip on to the middle of the candle wick and let them rest on the edges of the jar. The idea here is to keep the wick in place, as it will wilt when the hot wax is poured in. Try to get it as taut as you can so you end up with a straight wick.

Making candles:

  1. Melt the wax in the pouring pot for about 30 minutes. If you use a 10 lb bag, you’ll need a little less than half the bag.
  2. Stir in lavender scent and remove from heat immediately so the scent doesn’t evaporate.
  3. Carefully pour wax into each candle, filling it to the bottom of the opening.
  4. Place rosemary sprigs inside each candle, keeping them away from the wick.
  5. Let cool overnight at room temperature. Try to keep them on the warmer side, otherwise the wax can cave in on itself while drying.
  6. Trim wicks to about 1/4 inch.

That’s it! The best part is you can switch up scents, try adding color, or use different types of votives for a whole new candle!





DIY Framed Chalkboard

We bought a pool table and a dart board awhile back, but didn’t had anywhere to keep track of scores (and how many times I’ve beat Matt in pool). Matt suggested creating a large chalkboard right on the garage wall. Sold!

Here’s how we made it:

1. Make your frame or find a wooden frame you wish to use. To make the frame, use a 90 degree angle to outline the edges of your frame so they’ll connect.

2. Create your chalkboard space. Hold the frame up to the wall and trace inside of it. Place masking tape just outside of the lines on all four sides.

3. Sand the wall. This will help the chalkboard paint stick better.

4. Spray your square. We used chalk paint spray paint but you can always use regular chalkboard paint.

5. Let it dry.

6. Add the frame. We chose to screw it directly into the wall.

7. Voila! Start using it! We found out the hard way that liquid chalk doesn’t work very well on chalk paint, so I recommend using regular chalk.

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Prosciutto & Arugula Homemade Pizza


I’m not much of a baker, so I stick to other peoples’ instructions when it comes to anything made with flour. In the case of my go-to homemade pizza dough, Jane Thornby makes it super easy on me with her recipe from “What to Cook and How to Cook It”. It’s so simple, but it makes some bomb non-greasy dough for thin crust-loving folks like myself.


Measuring cup from Anthropologie courtesy of my dearest friend Deanna. Read about her Vietnam adventures here.

As far as our toppings, we like to go outside of the basic pepperoni, combo and margarita toppings when we’re not ordering takeout.

Enter prosciutto and arugula.

Matt has an odd obsession with arugula and I like to think of prosciutto as arugula’s long lost brother. The flavor combo they make when mixed together is anything but heaven in your mouth. Then you add cheese and we’re talking pure foodgasm.

I like to put some arugula on before baking and save the prosciutto and the bulk of the arugula for post-baking toppings so they maintain their fresh flavor.


Cherry tomatoes
Ricotta, goat or feta cheese
Homemade red sauce (also from the cookbook)



Cheers Claudette 2

Office Space Complete!


Our apartment living room is shaped like a big L and it’s HUGE, so we were able to set up a little desk area in the smaller part of the L, behind the couch. We pieced our “office” together over the first couple months of living here, starting with a new desk and propping my old bookcase vertically.

However, we couldn’t find a chair that worked. We wanted something cozy and unique, and thought a cute upholstered dining table chair could work. Turns out, those are typically too short for desks since you don’t have the ability to adjust them.

Luckily, I was able to use my new Home Decor Cheat Sheets book to figure out the kind of chair that could work. Since it goes through all of the basics of interior design and what things are called, I know it’ll be extremely useful when we buy a house and tackle some remodeling.

After a few months of searching, we finally found the perfect chair and I was finally able to bring our windsor chair back to its proper spot at the head of the dining table.


Desk – World Market

Chair – Wayfair

Rug – Joss & Main

Bookcase – Ikea

File holder – TJ Maxx

Globe – Target




6 Shows to Binge On

My favorite kind of TV show? The kind that has 3+ seasons so Matt and I can watch at our leisure, without having to wait a full week to find out what happens next. But I think a lot of people are on the same page as me on this one.

We recently got rid of cable so we’ve had to resort to finding everything on Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. I thought we’d watch a lot less TV because we had to stop watching a couple of our shows mid-season (Walking Dead & Homeland) since our very very basic cable doesn’t have those channels and they don’t stream on Hulu. Nope. We just ended up finding a bunch of super awesome random TV shows. Here are the ones we can’t stop watching.

The Good Wife: 6 seasons on Hulu 

Yes, this is a weekly CBS lawyer show that I had never heard of until stumbling across it a couple months ago. Yes, we completed all 6 seasons. And yes, it has a very healthy amount of over 20 episodes per season. Alicia Florrick for president.

Orphan Black: 4 seasons on Hulu

BBC show about a girl who finds out she’s a clone and the rest of her “sisters” are scattered around the world. It’s exciting, thrilling and we can’t get enough.

Casual: 2 seasons on Hulu

I know…way not enough episodes but it’s so simple and funny that it doesn’t matter. Summary? It’s about a mom who is exploring casual sex after a recent divorce while living with her brother and high school daughter.

Red Oaks: 1 season on Amazon Prime

Dorky college kid comes back to the local country club to teach tennis over the summer. We watched this on the flight to Copenhagen so I may have been half asleep for part of it but from what I remember, I loved it.

The Killing: 4 seasons on Netflix

We only got part-way through season two after discovering the Good Wife, but if you like murder mysteries, this will be your jam. To set your expectations straight, this is about one killing, not multiple as I originally assumed even though the title is rather straightforward.

Marcella: 1 Season on Netflix

Obviously we must be addicted to murder mysteries & legal shows. This one combines detective work with some added craziness and lots of twists.

Others to watch if you haven’t already: Narcos, Bloodline, The Americans, Vice Principals, The Night Of, and Westworld (just started).

What’s your favorite series? We’re always looking for the latest and greatest shows, so your suggestions are appreciated!