10 Gifts to Get Your Pregnant Friend

At this point in my life, lots of people are getting pregnant which means I’m in the market for baby shower, pregnancy announcement, and post-baby gifts. Obviously it’s not necessary to get a gift at each stage, but I really do love buying presents so I can’t always help myself.

But as much fun as it is to buy baby clothes and adorable soft patterned swaddles, mom-to-be also need some love! From my experience being pregnant, here are some small thoughtful gifts that expecting moms will enjoy:

  1. Slippers. I honestly have never been that into slippers but for some reason I have been wearing them nightly since being pregnant and post-partum.
  2. Soft, cozy robe. The hubs got me a robe/pj dress set for our anniversary a few months into pregnancy and I basically wore the robe every single night. Perks of a maternity dress – it can double as a super convenient whip-the-boob out for baby nightgown.
  3. Stretch Mark Lotion.  My mom gave this to me in a goodie bag after we found out we were pregnant and I love it. It dries fully and doesn’t leave me feeling greasy (I am not a lotion person). This one is dermatologist approved, hypoallergenic, and free from mineral oil, parabens, and phthalates. I’ve also been using it post-partum.
  4. Bath bombs, bath bubbles, bath salts. For relaxing of course!
  5. VertigoX Aromatherapy Oil. While I never got drastic morning sickness, there were a few times that I did feel woozy at random times, especially with certain foods like chicken, in the first trimester. I also had some nausea bouts in third trimester so this came in handy more than once. I carried this oil with me everywhere and would rub it on my wrists and neck which totally helped.
  6. 32 oz BPA free water bottle. Mamas-to-be need to drink more water than normal so having a cute large water may help remind them!
  7. Beauty products free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates. On a budget – Burt’s Bees. Splurge – Bare Minerals. Both have a lot of options. I especially like the Burt’s Bees tinted chapstick and Bare Minerals 30 SPF face moisturizer and matte lipstick.
  8. Comfy maternity clothes. Think leggings, pj sets, lounge pants, sports bras (one size up), and nursing bras for sore, expanding boobies.
  9. Amazon Echo. Matt got this for me (us) for 3rd trimester so I can be lazy all I want and tell Alexa to what to do or need to know. Still working on figuring out how to fully use it outside of having her turn on music…
  10. Motherhood Maternity or Amazon giftcard. If you’re not totally sure what to get, giftcards are a safe bet. Motherhood Maternity has tons of sales so it’s easy to get good deals on maternity clothes. Amazon Prime has come in handy more times than I can count (as per usual) so you really can’t go wrong there.




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