PiperWai for the Win


What would you say if I told you there’s an all-natural, charcoal-based deodorant that keeps you smelling fresh all day? Sounds a little sketch, right?

Well, I tried it and would definitely recommend doing the same! My fellow blogger friend Julia from Sprinkles and Saturdays loves Piperwai too! After seeing PiperWai on SharkTank a few months back, I placed my first order immediately. They were on back order, so I waited patiently and eagerly for over a month. At first I was nervous to do anything that was even slightly active with just PiperWai on but after about a week of using it, I got used to not reaching for my antiperspirant “just in case”.

Now it’s been about 4 months since I started wearing PiperWai and I feel great knowing that I’m not using a product that contains aluminum and parabens, which could ultimately cause cancer. *The FDA hasn’t determined there to be risks associated with these, but I personally think it’s better to be safe than sorry.*

What’s to Love:

  • It smells great…clean & simple with a twinge of mint.
  • It lasts all day.
  • It works naturally by neutralizing odor without plugging up your sweat glands.
  • It comes in a charcoal color, but rubs on clear. How fun is that?!
  • I swear that after a couple weeks of using PiperWai, my body started to adapt to not having toxins from my regular deodorant block that natural thing we all do…sweat. Now, I can go a couple hours without any deodorant, without being completely grossed out by myself.
  • I’m a sucker for cool branding and I’d say they nailed it.

What’s Not to Love:

  • Since it comes in a jar, you have to apply with your fingers. Time to love your armpits more than you did before!
  • When it’s cold, the deodorant tends to ball up under your arms after you apply. I  can easily solve this by rubbing it in again or warming it up between my fingers first.
  • Piperwai doesn’t back up your sweat glands, so can end up getting a little wet (even though they say it keeps you completely dry) BUT you don’t smell and it dries quickly after you’re done breaking  a sweat.

Have you tried PiperWai yet? I’d love to hear what you think!




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