June’s Dope Deals


H&M has a TON of reasonably priced & cute sandals online. I got lucky and found these gems on sale for $7. Not only are they super summery, they’re surprisingly comfortable. They were practically begging me to buy them.


Old Navy

It’s not the hippest place, but I love it. And their sales are amazing! I recently bought this whole outfit during their 40% off sale (minus shoes and jewelry) for under $50!

Shorts – $14.99

Cardigan – $17.99

Tank – $14.99

TJ Maxx

Since we have one only a few minutes from work, I find myself here more often than not. Sometimes I go with something in mind. But again,more often than not I’m finding things I probably don’t need, but are too good of a deal to pass up. Here’s what I’ve scored over the past couple weeks.

Summer Dinner Place Settings

Since Matt and I are super mature (said mut-ooer to be fancy), we can now have a more stylish dinner party with these bright and cheery place settings.


Place mats – $9.99

Napkins – $14.99

Comfy Basics

All women know it’s tough to find a pair of jeans that fits exactly right, so when you do, it’s an absolute necessity to buy them – even if you already have another eight pairs.

Black tank – $9.99

Jeans – $24.99

Dress – $14.99


Where are your favorite places to shop for deals? Comment below – I’d love to hear!








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