Spiralizing 101 


Let me be the first to admit I don’t like zucchini. I love yellow and summer squash, but for some reason I’m just not a fan of the more widely used family member. So when I heard about turning zucchini into pasta noodles I poo-poo’d the idea immediately.

Fast forward a year or so and spiralizing came up again and I learned you can also spiralize other vegetables.

I decided to give it a go.

I didn’t want to fully commit, so I went with the handheld SpiraLife but also bought a cookbook to get my creative juices flowing…plus I literally had no idea what to do with the noodles once I had them.

First recipe I tried? Zucchini noodles with bacon bits and cheese. The result was life changing.


I made 3 more noodle dishes before taking my spiralizing to the next level with this heavy duty hand crank. I have to say, if you want to try making veggie noodles…go big with the hand crank. It makes life so much easier. Plus, it’s quick and fun! I still can’t help but giggle when I pull the core out.

I’m still a beginner, but I’ve quickly learned that there are going to be a million ways to use my new spiralizer. But for now, here are 3 easy, delicious and healthy ways to spice up your veggie noodle dish.

  1. Pesto over cousa squash noodles, topped with mini heirloom tomatoes and parmesan cheese.
  2. Salt & pepper over potato and zucchini noodles. With so much juicy flavor you really don’t need sauce!
  3. Trader Joes Three Cheese red sauce and chicken over zucchini noodles. Originally tried this with parsnips. And boy, I do not like parsnips.

Can’t wait to try out the whole vegetable section at Ralph’s! Next up? Beets.

For more foodie favs, check out my favorite recipes.




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