Best Pumpkin Patch in San Diego

I love Halloween. It’s by far my favorite holiday. Along with getting to wear at least one costume (hopefully more), it’s also very crucial that I carve a pumpkin each year.

When I moved to San Diego, I met some really awesome friends who also share my joy of Halloween AND pumpkin carving. So of course we had to go on a hunt to find some pumpkins to unleash our creativity on. Now, let me tell you, it is very difficult to find a legit pumpkin patch. Last year, I made the mistake of trying Mission Valley Pumpkin Station and I could barely drag my boyfriend out of the car. Most are in store parking lots – crawling with anxious parents and excited children. They’re cheesy and way too crowded for my tastes. Don’t be fooled by photos! Good photographers can easily cut out a very un-pumpkin patch like background (i.e. Macy’s).

This all leads me to my favorite pumpkin patch in San Diego: Pinery Pumpkin Patch. We were very new to San Diego when we went two years ago, so we may have gotten lost, almost stung by a bee that got stuck in the car, and were very close to turning around, but once we made it, it was seriously the greatest place ever. Mind you, we are all young kids at heart, so this type of place might not be for everyone. Giant pumpkins to choose from, a petting zoo, corn maze, big red tractor to play on, hay ride….need I say more? Yes? Okay, here are some photos WITH the very pumpkin patch like background.

IMGP1858 IMGP1891IMGP2097  IMGP1957IMGP1838 IMGP2215 IMGP2001 IMGP2119IMGP1918IMGP1871 IMGP2272






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