Best Pumpkin Patch in San Diego

I love Halloween. It’s by far my favorite holiday. Along with getting to wear at least one costume (hopefully more), it’s also very crucial that I carve a pumpkin each year.

When I moved to San Diego, I met some really awesome friends who also share my joy of Halloween AND pumpkin carving. So of course we had to go on a hunt to find some pumpkins to unleash our creativity on. Now, let me tell you, it is very difficult to find a legit pumpkin patch. Last year, I made the mistake of trying Mission Valley Pumpkin Station and I could barely drag my boyfriend out of the car. Most are in store parking lots – crawling with anxious parents and excited children. They’re cheesy and way too crowded for my tastes. Don’t be fooled by photos! Good photographers can easily cut out a very un-pumpkin patch like background (i.e. Macy’s).

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