How to Make a Toga Out of a Pillow Case

In college, I loved dressing up for all kinds of themed parties but as broke as I was, I always tried to find a cheaper way to make things, while still being able to go all out.

Luckily, togas are probably the easiest, potentially free costume you can make. You can find everything in your dorm room! Really, all you need is a pillow case – any color works – and some accessories.

toga pillow caseInstructions:

  1. Grab a pillow case
  2. Lay it out flat on the floor and make an “arm hole” on left side by cutting straight down the right of the seam about 6 inches.
  3. About 3 inches in from the top left side, make a diagonal cut going downward toward the right side.
  4. This may still be a boxy shape, so you can make another small slit down the seam on the right side. Use these two pieces to tie a knot to pull the toga in for a more fitted look.
  5. Add a belt, a bandeau to wear under your toga, some vines or a gold headband to your hair and you’re set!


Want more costume ideas? Check out my post on DIY Costumes.



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