DIY Pressed Flower Frames

In an earlier post, I shared how I preserved my wedding bouquet. Since then, I’ve been saving and pressing, saving and pressing. I LOVE making art out of flowers and I’ve found that it can make a perfect gift for others as well. So far, I’ve gifted my mom and sister-in-law framed flowers and I can’t wait to create more with my favorites!

Laura’s Preserved Wedding Bouquet

My sister-in-law married her college sweetheart at the University of Redlands in May 2018 and I snuck away with a bouquet and the Redlands table number to create a framed version of her bouquet for her birthday.


Mother’s Day Framed Flowers

When I was little, my mom read me the classic book “Love You Forever” and it became our thing. She made up a song to go along with it that she sang me to sleep with every night. She even made a funny version of the song that has stuck with us my entire life. For mother’s day, I asked my aunt, a talented Sacramento calligrapher  who owns The Lovely Hue, to help me with this special project. I absolutely love how it turned out!


My Preserved Wedding Bouquet

I tested out my first pressed flower art on my wedding bouquet, which was very special to me. Two of my bridesmaids, my mom, and I scavenge the perfect flowers from a wholesale shop and Trader Joes two days before the wedding. I was even able to find one small bunch of ranunculus  – my personal fav – for my bridal bouquet. I wrote about how I preserved my wedding bouquet in an earlier post.




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