Epic Bloody Marys


I’m a bit obsessed with Bloody Marys. So obsessed that my college roommate Deanna and I would pregame with a Bloody Mary every night before going out. Some people might think that’s disgusting, but I’d say we were quite brilliant. Bloodys aren’t only great for morning hangover cures – they’re also preventive. I’m mean let’s face it, you’re basically drinking an entire meal when you slam a good bloody. Plus, you can disguise a lot more vodka into a cup of hearty tomato juice. 5 shots? Totally can’t even tell its in there. Hence the brilliance.

While I don’t drink them as much anymore, I make them for special occasions and they are quite the crowd pleaser.

Here’s my recipe for one mean bloody.


Bloody Mary mix
Worcester sauce
Lemon juice

Toppings: I like to keep it simple with green olives, celery, & a lemon slice

The trick is a lot of hot sauce and Worcester and I pour the vodka until I can start to taste the extra burn.

Cheers Claudette 2


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