DIY Warm & Fuzzy Valentine Bags

IMGP9095Instead of handing out candy or pre-made valentines, here’s a quick and easy way to make your co-workers, family and friends feel appreciated and loved this Valentine’s Day.

Personally, I’m taking care of co-workers with a little activity called “Warm & Fuzzies”. We did something similar in high school where each person added their name to the top of a sheet of binder paper. Then, everyone in class wrote something nice about that person on one line. And then you get warm and fuzzy feelings when you read them back…hence the name Warm & Fuzzies.

We have a team of 12 at work, so I randomly assigned each person 6 other team members. They will write something nice about each of their assigned people on a note card.

To stick to the Valentine’s Day theme and make it more fun, I made cute little bags to hold the note cards, which cost me about $6 total. These can be used for collecting regular valentines and candy as well. You can probably figure out how to make them just by looking at the pictures, but here are instructions just in case:

Supplies Needed:

Construction paper or poster board
Sandwich bags
Glue Stick
Note cards


  1. Pencil out the shape of a heart on the construction paper. Once you’re satisfied, cut it out and use this as a template for the rest.
  2. Write each person’s name on a heart.
  3. Glue each heart to the top of the sandwich bag.
  4. Have some fun with glitter or whatever else you want to decorate with!





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