DIY Rainbow Fish Costume 

For this year’s Bay to Breakers in San Francisco, we decided to be Rainbow Fish. Here’s the final outfit!


White canvas shoes – we found some for $9 at Michael’s
Acryllic paint – we used 1/2 bottle from Michael’s
Glitter – we chose turquoise from Michael’s 

Take the shoelaces out before painting the shoes. Paint sections and sprinkle glitter on before it dries.

Rainbow Fish Top
Tank top
Sequins – we chose a mixture of blues from Michael’s
Fabric – we bought 1/4 yard of four colors and a half yard of the main color we wanted to use from Joann’s. 

Cut fabric into circles approximately 4 inches in diameter. Hot glue cycles onto shirt, overlapping them. Hot glue sequins on the straps. *If your shirt is stretchy, make sure to put it over a chair or have someone hold their arms inside to stretch it, otherwise the fabric circles will pop off when you put it on. We learned this the hard way!


Tulle – we bought 8 rolls from the Michael’s wedding section and didn’t have any left over. Keep in mind that sparkly tulle has a lot less fabric than regular tulle.
Elastic – 1/4 inch will work great

To measure how long the tulle strips should be, fold a portion in half and place next to your waist. Make them double the length you want to stick out from the elastic. For a puffier tutu that sticks straight out, cute them shorter. Fit the elastic to your waist and tie in a circle. After tying on all of the tulle strips, you’ll probably need to re-tie and cut the elastic because it tends to stretch out.

Fold the tulle strip in half and loop the open end over the elastic and through the folded end. Don’t pull too tight so you can move the tulle around and fluff it up. 

Use eyelash glue to attach sequins to your arms, chest and face. And don’t forget bright colored lipstick!

Want more costume ideas? Check out my post on DIY Costumes.


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