Easy DIY: How to Make a Tutu with Tulle

All you need is 1/4 inch elastic and at least 4 spools of 50ft tulle, which you can get from Michaels or any craft store. Keep in mind that sparkly tulle has a lot less fabric than regular tulle.

1. Measure out the elastic to fit your waist and tie in a circle. After tying on all of the tulle strips, you’ll probably need to re-tie and cut the elastic because it tends to stretch out.

2. To measure how long the tulle strips should be, fold a portion in half and place next to your waist. Make them double the length you want to stick out from the elastic. For a puffier tutu that sticks straight out, cut them shorter. I would recommend longer to start and if you want to make it stick out more, just cut it once you put it on.

3. Fold the tulle strip in half and loop the open end over the elastic and through the folded end. Don’t pull too tight so you can move the tulle around and fluff it up.


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