Mac N Cheese Taco Salad

This post is from over a year ago from my previous blog but I decided to share:

I was feeling a little nostalgic about the dorms and the main thing that comes with them–Mac N Cheese. I didn’t want to go the traditional route since I now have a whole kitchen instead of just a microwave, so I started thinking about what I could add to spice it up. I love taco salad, so I figured I may as well try it.

I added the extra avocado chunks and onions to salad with poppyseed dressing. YUM! I wish I would’ve added more spices and hot sauce. Maybe next time I’ll try ground beef or turkey in it as well.

Total cooking and prep time: 30 minutes

  1. Cook one box of mac n cheese (I used shells and white cheddar which I really liked)
  2. Add chopped tomatoes, onions, and avocado
  3. Stir in salsa
  4. Crunch up tortilla chips
  5. Add salt, pepper and hot sauce


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